Soft Skills

Body Language

Body Language tells all which is why we want to understand how to control it.

Body Language


Learn how to make people feel good while getting what you really want.

Effective Communication


Conflict skill separates those that falter to those that succeed in business.

Conflict Resolution-A Real Estate Agents Guide


How to behave and appear in a professional situation.

Etiquette-A Real Estate Agents Guide

Handling Objections

Learning how to handle objections will be covered in a series on multiple topics.

Handling Objections part 1 of 3
Handling Objections Part 2 of 3
Handling Objections Part 3 of 3


Learn the secrets of emotional influence in this overview of how to accomplish this.

Secrets of Emotional Influence


One of the toughest jobs for a real estate agent. Skill can be found here.

Negotiating-Real Estate Agents Guide

Personality Types

Do you know how to work with all kinds of personality types? Learn how now.

DISC Overview with live examples
DISC: C Personality. Compliant
DISC: The “S” Personality. Steadiness
‘I’ Influencer Personality


Procrastination is the chief cause of delay as well as the inability to succeed.

Solving Procrastination
Procrastination-Real Estate Agents Guide


This is the art of Speaking well regardless of the venue.

Effective Speaking as a Tool
Fear of Public Speaking Tips Report
Effective Speaking-A Real Estate Agents Guide

Standing Out

Getting notices is what anyone is sales wants to achieve.

Standing Out

Time Management

If we could only master time. We can with some helpful tools and determination.

The Urgent Important Matrix
My Not To-Do List
Expose your Hidden Time Wasters
Big Rocks-Priority Management